Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beach time!!

Sunday afternoon Guinn, Tammy, Mark, and Robin headed back home while Paw Paw, Maw Maw, Anna, Lillian and us all headed to the condo. It was neat getting to explain to Lillian that this was the place that we came to with her. It was nice having mother there to help. Paw Paw and Anna entertained Lillian which was a big help. The condo had a swimming pool so Paw Paw took Anna and Lillian swimming that night so that Chris and I could go and get groceries. On Monday we decided to have some more Lillian time at the beach. She is going to be my beach girl. She loves the ocean and would rather be in the ocean than playing in the sand. So here are some pics from the beach.
Beach girl!!
This is too sweet!! Daddy and Lillian are taking in the waves.
On Tuesday Paw Paw, Maw Maw, Anna and Lillian were heading home. It was sad seeing Lillian leave without us but we knew that it would be better if she went on with them. Before they left out we went to the beach for some quick pictures. Anna did a great job taking them!
Lillian loves holding her little sister!
Mommy and her girls
Daddy and his girls
One more quick pose with the waves!
It didn't do any good to fix your hair because the wind was blowing hard and the sun was so bright that all of us had the sun grins. We are just hanging out here at the condo waiting for word that we can go home. As they say waiting is the hardest thing to do! But Abby sure is enjoying herself by resting all the time. She might actually be my sleeper!!
I will keep you posted on when we get word to come home. Hopefully it will be soon! We miss Lillian!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Well, after Lillian made it down with Aunt Rob, Uncle Mark, and Anna on Friday night then Aunt Tammy, Uncle Guinn, Paw Paw, and Maw Maw all made it down on Saturday afternoon. We all had rooms at the same hotel so that made it easy to visit. The condo that we stayed in with Lillian wouldn't be ready until Sunday afternoon. After we took turns going to eat, we all gathered in Tammy's room because it was the biggest. But before we left to go eat a nap had to be taken after our afternoon of swimming.
Sisters resting sooooo good!!!!
Proud Daddy posing with his baby girl!
Lillian smiling from the pool!
Mommy decided to have a little time with Lillian!
The famous pool pose for Anna and Lillian!
Going under!!
Caught Aunt Tammy in the middle of cheese!
Lillian was a little jealous of Maw Maw holding Abby so she decided that she needed to sit in Maw Maw's lap and hold Abby.
Another kiss from big sis!
Lillian was again a little jealous of Paw Paw holding Abby so here is Paw Paw holding his little buddy and big buddy! Little buddy and big buddy are what Paw Paw refers to Abby and Lillian.
More to come from the condo later! Hope you are enjoying following our story!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lillian is a big sis!

Wow! What can I say!! Only what I have been saying that we went from a family of 3 to a family of 4 in just 24 hours! We thought that Lillian's arrival was unique but I believe that Abby has her beat. We got the call from Jerry around 10:13 a.m. on Wednesday morning and I just about had a stroke. When I saw on the caller i.d. that is said Gainesville, FL, I just started shaking. After I heard Jerry's voice I thought we have finally been picked! Not only did I know that we had been picked but we needed to leave right away because Abby was born on Tuesday night @8:01 p.m. I felt like I was in a dream world and I just knew that I was going to eventually wake up. But it was real!!! I was running around the house like a chicken with his head cut off. I had no clue where any of the baby clothes were in the attic. Not being the organize person that I need to be, I had not marked any of the tubs with sizes. Not to mention that all of Lillian's onesies were long sleeve because she was born in December. I was even going to take Lillian's dress that I brought her home from the hospital and I couldn't find it!! I was panicking because I wanted something nice to bring Abby home from the hospital in but all we could do was get her an outfit at Walmart and the selection was slim to none for a newborn. Someday I will have to explain to Abby that we didn't have the kind of time that we had for Lillian. In fact, we had all the time in the world for Lillian! So the Walmart onesie had to do! We met the birthmother and just like before Chris thought that he was going to throw up. We were so nervous because thoughts like well, will she like us or what do we say. The birthmother had only heard about us and had never seen our scrapbook. That was even more pressure than before. Everything went well and we even meet the birthmother's grandmother and her great aunt. They were such nice people and we will never forget the sacrifice that they did for Abby. Words cannot express the gratitude and love that we have for Abby's biological family. Abby's birthmother is a hero in our eyes! She is putting her needs aside for the sake of Abby's. Whenever Abby wants to know about her birthmother we will tell her about how brave she was and how much she loved her. Now for the first meeting between big sister and little sister. Lillian is so thrilled with her baby sister! My sister Robin brought Lillian to us Friday night. Needless to say our night was not meant for sleeping. Lillian did not bed down until 2:30 this morning! Every time the baby even whimpered Lillian's head raised up and said what is wrong with her. She cannot stand for her to cry! She would ask why is my baby sister crying. She has even started crying when Abby was crying. And I would ask why are you crying and she would say because baby Abby was crying. I think it will take a little time adjusting to a little sister. And now for the pictures!
Big sister holding little sister!
Abby will be getting plenty of kisses from big sis!
Mommy and her two precious girls!
Even Anna is excited about having another cousin to worry her to death like Lillian!

Precious little sleeping Abby!
More to come with more family coming in! Hope you enjoyed!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Kynsley!

Last night we celebrated Kynsley's 2nd birthday party. We had so much fun! Food and company was great! Here is the birthday girl herself ................ Kynsley Looney!!
Lillian enjoyed herself in the pool!
Conner looks like he is doing a great job swimming. Lillian is trying to beat him to the steps.
Katie Lee is about to make the incredible jump off the diving board with Anna Beth thinking about it but not actually doing it.
Having fun!!
Thank you Kynsley for inviting us! Hope your day was very special and that you have many more to come! Can't wait for the next party!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cheap Entertainment Fun!

If you haven't taken your kids to the Kiddie Carnival you should do so. It is the cheapest entertainment around that has been going on for years and years. I remember when I was a little girl and that I couldn't wait for it to open. I'm glad that is still around today so that our kids can enjoy it. Lillian rode the train for the first time last night and I think it was her favorite ride because she rode it three times. It was a little crowded but you really didn't have to wait in line very long.
Emma and William were there with their cousin riding on the train also. I couldn't get them to look at the camera.
Anna Beth was also there. Bless her heart, she would only ride the airplanes and the swings. I bet next year she will ride everything in sight.
I cannot believe that Lillian rode these. When it stopped up top, I thought she would never sit still but when I looked up she was carrying on a conversation with the little girl that was riding with her. I don't believe that she will have a hard time making friends when she starts to school.
One of my favorite rides is the roller coaster! You all know that I will ride any roller coaster around. Just think that my riding roller coasters day started right here with this very same roller coaster. So I tried to pump it up for Lillian since maybe she will be my rider in later years to come on the big coasters. Lillian was a little gun shy about this ride but as soon as it started a very big smile came across that face.
That afternoon we bought her some flip flops that light up when you walk. She loves them so much that she wore them to bed. Needless to say that I removed them from her feet before I took her to her bed. When she got up this morning they were the first thing that she put on. I can safely say that the flip flops were a great hit!
We will have more to come from Ms. Kynsley's birthday party that is tonight.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shopping Trip

Well, we headed out this morning to run some errands and then onto Huntsville to do some shopping. I knew that we wouldn't be back for Lillian's nap and I hoped that she would just fall asleep in her stroller. Wrong!!! On our last stop Lillian acted so ugly and cried so loud that I actually thought they might throw us out. My mother being on the other side of the store which is really big could hear her loud and clear. I was a little embarrassed but a lady that could see Lillian pitching her fit told me that she totally knows how I am feeling. When momma found us she put Lillian in her buggy and gave her some lotion that she could put on and you would have thought that this child had never been bad. She was so quiet and I guess she knew that Maw Maw would let her do whatever she wanted to do. So we were able to finish up and head home. Guess what she did on the way home??? You're right!!! She fell asleep on the way. Oh, well ... at least she was nice for the rest of the night. When we got home Lillian wanted a snack. Since Lillian loves her playset, I thought that I would let her eat her snack on the picnic area of the playset for the first time. What fun I would have had with a playset like this one!!!
Enjoying some good ole oranges!
Recently, Lillian has started playing with her Cozy Coupe and really likes it. She even asks to go outside to play in it now. She likes to play pretend now also. Elmo has joined us for supper and she takes care of him by asking do you want something to eat or drink. She even tells her Elmo and Dora dolls goodnight and says her prayer with each of them. Lillian is becoming quite a character!
Check out the serious pose!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swimming at Aunt Mia's pool!

We went swimming today at my sister's (Mia) pool. Anna was keeping Natalie and they are forbidden to swim unless an adult is there so Anna begged me to come so that they could swim. I had originally planned to spend a good day in my classroom but I divided the day up so that they could swim. I worked in my classroom this morning, picked Lillian up from mother's, met Chris for lunch, and then headed for the pool. Lillian was so excited that she couldn't wait to get there. So here is the gang ready for some pool fun!!
Lillian is getting ready to slide into the pool.
Looks like fun!
Anna took this picture and only got a little of Lillian jumping off the diving board. Actually, she didn't jump, I threw her in! Bad momma!! But she loves it and I am glad that she is not afraid of the water.
She does pretty good with the floaties and is learning how to get around. I plan to put her in swimming lessons next summer. I am trying to teach her how not to swallow the water. Here she is trying to practice by blowing the water.
All tuckered out!
I think that she will take a very long nap and maybe I might too!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

Lillian had a full weekend! She spent the night with Aunt Rob on Friday night and went to the Stinnett cookout today for lunch. She has spent the night with Aunt Rob every July 3rd since she was 6 months old. It is becoming a yearly tradition that we hope will continue. Chris and I went to eat with Chan and Marla and then we slept until 10:00 the next morning because we don't get to do that anymore. Not that we are complaining but it is nice every now and then to be able to sleep late since Lillian is an early riser. Tonight my family celebrated with a cookout on my grandmother's land at Mt. Rozell. We had all sorts of delicious food.

Lillian thinks that she is so big because she is getting to pull General around on his leash.

I really don't know what kind of smile Lillian is showing off. I think that she was ready for the creek. I didn't go with them this time so I don't have any pictures of the creek to share. I was too tired from cleaning my house that was in desperate need of cleaning.

Do you think that Lillian was enjoying her cupcake????
Natalie thinks that Lillian has the perfect mustache!
Ready for some volleyball!
We ended the day with some fireworks from the neighbors. We also got to see some of the fireworks from the Athens High stadium from my mom's backyard. Lillian was so tired that it didn't take her two minutes to go to sleep. We hope that everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July!

Playing with Anna Beth!

Lillian had a surprise visit from Anna Beth today. Matt (Anna Beth's dad) and Al were working at the church building and Anna Beth wanted to play with Lillian. Lillian was so excited when she heard that Anna Beth was at the church building and that she wanted to play with her. It is so funny to see whatever Lillian does Anna Beth is going to do it too! Monkey see, monkey do!

Taking time out to relax!

Lillian loves to play ball now with a bat and a ball. So beware of Lillian swinging the bat!!

Sliding is so much fun!
Anna Beth is trying out the new thing, sliding down on the tummy.
Come back Anna Beth anytime and play again!!