Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Tammy!

Can you believe that I have a sister now that is 50 years old? For those of you that do not know I came very late in life. Tammy is 16 years older than me, Robin is 12 years older than me, and Mia is 10 years older than me. My mother was 37 years old when I came along. I may be that old before we finish our family who knows only the good Lord knows what is best. Well anyway we celebrated Tammy's birthday last night at LauCourt event center with some good cooked food, family and friends, Guinn's band, and birthday cake. Lillian kept saying on the way there "I'm excited, I'm excited!" She loves music and loves to sing. So here are a few pics from last night.

Happy Birthday Aunt Tammy!

Blowing out all 50 candles!

Lillian stood up there with Aunt Tammy forever and she was even trying to sing especially when Laura Leigh sung Joleene by Dolly Parton. She loves it!

Even my cousin Avery, daughter of Brandon and Haney Wallace, was enjoying the music. Isn't she adorable!!

Here is the gang! Sorry Julee that you couldn't be there but Roll Tide Roll!

Daddy, Mommy and Lillian

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break!

Well what kind I say for spring break. We were sick! Yuck!! Lillian developed a cough that sounding like croup after she had finished her fever earlier in the week. We did manage to get outside Tuesday at Aunt Tammy's house for a little fun with sidewalk chalk. We were hoping that Lillian would get to meet up with her friends Katie Lee and Anna Beth for some fun at the park but she was sounding like a seal so we needed medicine and needed to stay inside. She wanted so bad to go outside. She would say "I not sick, I feel better. Can I go outside for a little bit?" I felt terrible to have to tell her no because I was going stir crazy being in the house myself. We are outside people. Forget what kind of housework that needs to be done because whenever it is pretty we are outside. As of right now we are on the mend.
This was at Aunt Tammy's when Lillian was trying to write on General with her sidewalk chalk.
Lillian and Laura Leigh pose in front what used to be Laura Leigh's and Lane's playhouse that has turned into a storage place.

Yesterday when I picked Lillian up from Mrs. Sam's I took her to Dr. Hall's office for her adjustment and then we headed to Big Springs park. She has never went down a big slide and she was a little hesitant but after the first slide down she was hooked from then on.
We did go and visit with the ducks but Lillian wouldn't get down for me to take a picture. And of course we couldn't leave without swinging on the swings.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last Week Fun

Since it was so pretty the first part of the week Lillian got to spend some time outside playing. But first this is a picture of her on the way to Mrs. Sam's house (Lillian's babysitter) with her sunglasses on and if you notice that it is still dark outside. She thinks she has to have them every morning.

She got to spend some time in the sand pile with Paw Paw. She was pretending that she was making cornbread with the sand.

Lillian loves her tricycle and it gives me the needed exercise that I am so greatly needing. We ride around the church and up to Aunt Rob's house and to Paw Paw and Maw Maw's house. I am so out of shape that my legs were killing me the next morning.

She loves to jump!

Friday the 13th we celebrated Chan's 38th birthday. He is getting old like Chris! Marla cooked a very good home cooked meal and even a delicious cake! Here is Lillian helping Chan blow out his candles!

Full of cake and ice cream!

Saturday was our first trip to Chucky E. Cheese! It was Jake Collins' sixth birthday. Lillian didn't know what to think especially when Chucky came out. She didn't want to ride anything so I think she was still a little to young for it. But I did manage to get her on one ride to take her picture.

She loved though just jumping and dancing to the music.

Here is Jake about to blow out his candles!
Then on Saturday night when we got home from the funeral home Lillian was running fever! So much for being sick free. I will let share later what we did for spring break. See you!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Friday was pajama day at school because of Read Across America week. This is one of my favorite days of work. Here is a picture of me styling in my "Cat in the Hat" pajamas and my coworkers Renee and Sandy styling in their pajamas as well.

Saturday was kind of a sad day for me because we had to take our cat Samson (who was a stray cat that I got from a friend) to the vet because he was sick. He really had problems if you know what I mean. He was 13 years old so he lived a very good life but he is no longer with us. Lillian thinks that he is still at the vet because he is sick. While I took Samson to the vet I took Lillian by Aunt Tammy's house to visit and play with General the dog (Laura Leigh's animal) and Grady the cat (Lane's animal). She had a ball with both of them. Aunt Tammy also took Lillian to Lane's shop for Lillian to get a trim. Lillian can't wait to stay with Aunt Tammy again.

On Sunday after church we took time out for a few pics of Lillian in her frog dress before we headed to Mimi's house.

Lillian with Daddy!

Most of the time on Sunday's after church we go and see Chris' mother which Lillian calls Mimi. This picture is of Lillian in her own school desk where she says, "I need to do my homework."
She loves to act silly around a camera now.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Maw Maw!

Last Friday night we celebrated my mother's birthday at my sister Robin's house. She was 71 years old. I cannot believe that my mother is that old. I pray that I have her around for many more years. Lillian loves when anybody has a birthday. So here is a picture of her singing "Happy Birthday" to Maw Maw. We had breakfast food that was out of this world! Sooo good!!!

Lillian loves to wear glasses of any kind!

Lillian is posing with Cale on the right (Laura Leigh's boyfriend) and Josh on the left (Lane's boyfriend). She loves playing with them!

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Snowy Day in March!

Lillian woke up to me opening her blinds to the bright snow that was on the ground Sunday morning. Sadly she didn't get to go out and enjoy it because she had the flu. But she did enjoy seeing all of it from the windows. Here are a few pics from our house.