Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lots of fun with friends!

Last week we went to visit Leanne and Katie Lee. We had so much fun!! Abby hung in there with the big girls.

Watching Barney!!
Tuesday we decided to take the girls to Point Mallard. They have a great splash area for small kids. The weather was just perfect! We hope to take them back next week before we go back to work.

Hands in the air!
I couldn't get Abby to look up because the sun was too bright. She did really good to be one and seemed to enjoy the water but I may leave her behind next time so that I can help Lillian ride the waves in with a float. I remember doing that when I used to go and it was so much fun.
Katie Lee
Lillian spraying everyone.
The water slide was so much fun for Lillian.
Great fun!
Yummy ice cream!!
Abby took about a 15 minute nap on the ride over and by the time we were ready to leave she was exhausted.
Two little girls not wanting to leave!!
Lillian told me that she had a blast and couldn't wait to go again. Well, my classroom is coming along pretty well. Leanne came Monday to help me out with decorating and she was a big help. Thanks again for the help!! More work to continue tomorrow.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Random Pictures

Anna went with me to school one day and this is how they had fun. Rolling all over my room with my new teacher chair. Abby was just cackling. Needless to say, not a whole lot work was going on that day.
Abby loves to empty the baby wipes!!
Finally made her nest!
Sweet Allie!
She is growing so much and changing!
She weighs over 8 pounds now and loves to be talked to when she is awake. She just doesn't know what my two has in store for her later!! I hate that we had to miss Kynsley's and Anna Beth's birthday party. Lillian was running fever which I think was from her ear but since we didn't know exactly we decided she didn't need to go. She cried because she wanted to go so bad. I felt bad for her but she is feeling better and is fever free. We hope that they had a great party. Happy Birthday Kynsley and Anna Beth!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Abby's First Birthday Party!!

Saturday night we celebrated with family for Abby's first birthday. We had it at the house hoping that we could have it outside. Well, it rained for a short time which in turn made the grass wet. We were able to eat outside on the patio but we couldn't let the kids play in the grass. So we ended up in the house for gifts, cake and ice cream. I have a good size living room but when it comes to having family it is nowhere near being big enough to hold all of us. All in all it was a great party!!
Mrs. Sam's cakes are always sooo good!!
Abby's very own cake
Wondering why all the singing!
Say cheese!
Not so sure about digging in!
I believe she liked it!!
I just love this Minnie Mouse balloon!
A very neat balloon
Present time.....umbrella and pajamas
Loves tearing paper!
Chan and Marla were so nice to bring a present for Lillian so that she wouldn't feel left out. It was a "Hello Kitty" cup and some lip gloss.
Trying out her Disney Princess chairs!
We already have a magnetic ABC Leap Frog game that Abby loves to drag off the refrigerator and now this game is a big hit that was from Mommy and Daddy.
Another big hit from Mommy and Daddy!! This was used on our Destin trip and was a life saver even though we had to listen to Barney for ever!! Ear phones will be a must on the next trip!!
Abby is growing so fast and seems like she is not going to be little for long. She is walking everywhere and can put the food away!! I know that I can't say this enough but God has blessed us with two precious girls. Hope everyone is having a great week!! More birthday fun coming this weekend for Aunt Rob, Kynsley and Anna Beth!!

Happy First Birthday Abby!!

Today is Abby Lee's first birthday!! Cannot believe that she is already turning one!! She is growing so fast and learning so much!!
Trying to blow out her candle!!
Hope to have more pictures from her party later tonight!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Out with the Old and In with the New!!

I am so excited about moving into my new classroom at Blue Springs Elementary!! Before school was out I took some pictures of my room with all of my boxes. The only thing that I don't look forward to is starting back to school. I have enjoyed my summer at home with my girls. Getting to sleep in and lounge around with them until lunch and going here and there with them has been great!! Well, next week that will come to a halt. They will go back to Mrs. Sam's so that I can finish unpacking and decorate for the start of school. I hope to have everything done next week so that I can enjoy my last full week of summer.

My old room!
Lots of boxes!
My new classroom's view!!
My cabinets
Computer station
Here is the lunchroom stage.
Nice lunchroom!
The gym is really nice!
Blue Springs Mustangs!!
Collection desk in library
I have my work cut out for me but I think it will be well worth it!! Abby's party is tomorrow night!! Can't wait to celebrate!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Destin 2010

The beach was great!! Thanks to Daddy and Momma for taking us!! We left out Monday morning and when we got there this is the sight that we saw from our condo. Clean-up crews waiting on the charter bus to come and pick them up. They all worked very hard because we never saw the first drop of oil on the beach nor in the ocean.

Before we went to eat that night daddy and I took the girls down to the beach for a little while. It was starting to blow up a rain. Abby loved it!! She wanted so bad to get in the ocean.
Lillian having a ball!!
Breakfast time!!
Playing with beach toys
Handfuls of sand and mouthfuls of sand also!
Lillian was wiped out with a wave.
Check out my daddy! He is wearing REAL swimming trunks. As long as I can remember daddy has had cut off pants that remind me of Fred Flintstone. I really think he enjoyed himself with the girls. The waves hitting Abby in the face didn't slow her down. She was laughing each time!
Matching monkey pj's
Love this picture of Lillian with the waves!
Uncle Guinn playing with the girls
Abby loved trying to sit in the beach chair.
Lane and Lillian trying to ride the waves.
Eating at the Destin Marina!
Abby loved hearing the live music.
Since I got burnt on Wednesday, I decided to take them to the indoor pool instead of the outside one. It was packed in both pools but the girls had a ball anyway. Lillian made several friends while she was swimming. She will not have any trouble adjusting to school when that rolls around for her.
What a silly face!!
Sacked out!!
Since I was little I have always loved airbrushed shirts. Some people may not care about them but I think they are cute on little ones. Lillian picked her shirt out and of course her pick was flip flop shoes. I picked the beach ball out for Abby since that was also Lillian's first beach shirt.

We really enjoyed our trip and would love to go back with Chris! Thursday night before we left the next morning Abby starting walking meaning taking more than two steps. Now she is walking everywhere. This Saturday will be Abby's party. Hard to believe that she will be one!!