Friday, June 24, 2011

Orange Beach 2011

Vacation!! When I hear that word I get so excited! This year we went to Orange Beach with the Helums. We had a really good time and hope to do it again! Bear with me on the pictures because I have tons of them. Hope you enjoy!!

Abby loves sand so much she ate it again!
Lillian loves jumping over the waves!
Daddies and their girls!
Daddy and girls
Katie Lee having fun in the sand!
Attempted family picture
Love this pic!
The Helums
Best Buds!
Girls, girls, girls!!
Abby posing
Katie Lee posing
Lillian posing
Abby loves some ice cream!!
Souvenir Shopping!
We headed to the Track one morning for the kids to ride rides! It was hot but not as crowded.

Abby hanging with the older girls!
Hang on!
Just a swingin'
Having so much fun!
Cool splash pad!
Abby at Lu Lu's!
We are all full!
Lillian fell asleep the night that we stopped for ice cream so I took her one day while Abby napped. I believe both of my girls love ice cream!!
We had so much fun and now we look forward to another beach trip with the Hinkle's!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Someone is turning one!! Allie Elizabeth!!

I can't believe that Allie is one already. I am telling you........I think as you get older time goes by a whole lot faster than it did when you were little. Allie was so cute in her tutu!! She had a Minnie Mouse 1st birthday party.

Girls, girls, girls!!
Abby and Allie posing with me. each other hugs!
Mrs. Sam's cake.......equals yummy!!!!

She loved everyone singing to her but she wasn't quite sure about putting her hand in the cake. But after she got some in her mouth she soon liked the cake!
Present Time!!
Happy Birthday Miss Allie!!!

Lillian's First Pedicure!!!

Before we left for the beach I wanted to get a pedicure. So I decided that Lillian could have one done too. She was a little scared but once we sat down in the chairs she was just fine. They fixed us right up even with flowers on our big toes.

Look at me!!
Getting all fancied up!!

Our finished products!
We will definitely have to do that again. Next time Lillian wants to do her nails and toenails.

Memorial Day 2011

We had a great Memorial day!! Playing in the creek was definitely the highlight of the day! It was sooo hot! Tammy's camper didn't have any air because it was broken so all we had was floor fans outside. We have decided that for the 4th we are going to have our camp at the creek. We already knew of a way to get my momma out there (by four wheeler). Always love spending time with my family!!

Lillian acting silly
Found a pretty rock
Enjoyed the boat!
Later that night I caught these two in the same chair watching T.V. They do this a lot now to watch their favorite shows. They are growing up way too fast!! Please excuse Lillian's attire! She loves to play dress up and she has on a bathing suit that is way too big for her.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Daddy found these bees in one of the trees in his yard. It is amazing of how they didn't swam Daddy while he was cutting the yard because he got so close mowing. He didn't see it until he was using the weed eater. Don Berzett came and got the hive. Chris and Lillian went up there to see him retrieve the bees.

Slip'n'slide Time!!

I bought the girls a slip'n'slide. They have enjoyed that thing!! Abby would just lay on it and then Lillian would fly down it hours upon hours of fun!

What fun!!

Preschool Open House!!

Can't believe that I have a preschooler in my house!!! My big baby girl is growing up fast!! This picture was taken before we left for school. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures while we were there!! Hope to take some on her first day!! She is super excited about the Little Red School House!! She will be there with her cousins Madigyn, Landyn, Ella and another friend Alivia. She can't wait. But one thing though that she is looking forward to is when she gets to ride with me everyday to school at Blue Springs! That will come soon enough.

Looking so big!!

Birthdays, birthdays, and more birthdays!!

We have really celebrated birthdays here lately! First we started off with Dylan and Kaylee's at the Little Gym. We had never been there before and I love the way of how it is set up. Lillian had a ball.
Lillian gave Dylan and Kaylee a fist bump
She loved the bars!
Time to blow out candles and have some cake!! Happy Birthday Dylan and Kaylee!!
Next party was at the Onyx gym with Kinley! As you can tell from the picture, Lillian has no fear!!
Lillian enjoyed herself. Happy Birthday Kinley!!
Next party was again at the Onyx gym with Madigyn and Landyn! Of course Lillian had a blast!! Happy Birthday Madigyn and Landyn!!
Last party for a while would be at the Wellness Park for Addie Mae!! Yummy cupcakes!!
Addie Mae posing for the picture
Lillian had loads of fun! Happy Birthday Addie Mae!!