Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break Fun!

This week has really gone by very fast!! I did get a lot accomplished plus I got to spend time with my girls. Monday and Tuesday were spent at home will tons of laundry......that is a never ending job!! On Wednesday we spent the day with my sister Tammy where we ate at Dip-N-Dog on East Limestone road (it reminded me of Christo's) for lunch. Thursday was the big day of the week........the dentist and pictures! Here are some of the pictures that I have on C.D.

It is so hard trying to get two children to smile at the same time! This one was the best of all......oh well at least Lillian is showing a more natural smile instead of a silly one!
To me the background is crooked but nice smile!
One of my favorites!
Before the pictures Lillian had her first dentist appointment. It did not go very well. We started off good and then ended bad! Ms. Angela wanted to brush her teeth and we made it through the top teeth fine and when she had to go back for more toothpaste then we had the meltdown for the bottom teeth. Lillian sat in my lap for the top but for the bottom we had to lay her down. Try picturing this......another assistant holding Lillian's legs and I holding her arms! We made it through it and then when she could go and get her prize which was lip gloss everything was fine. The dentist then came to check her teeth and she had to lay back down and didn't miss a beat by letting him count her teeth. Thankfully everything looked good so that they didn't have to do anything else. Aunt Tammy went along with us to help out with Abby since Chris was sick and couldn't go. When we came out, Aunt Tammy asked Lillian how did she like the dentist and this was her reply, "I didn't like the dentist." Oh, no what did I do to her.......I thought by taking her to a pediatric dentist would make going to the dentist fun. I hated going to the dentist and I want Lillian to like going to the dentist. Hopefully our next visit in six months will be better!!

The inside playground that makes it kid friendly!Before the teeth brushing!
I did not get an after shot of the meltdown.

Abby loves the jumping johnny!Peek-A-Boo! I See You!
Friday was so beautiful!! Lillian stayed out most of the day. When Abby woke up from her afternoon nap I took her out too. It felt so good to be outside. It just makes me want the warm weather to stay! Can you believe that they are calling for snow on Monday????

Ready to slide
Lillian thinks she is really big when Abby gets to slide down on her lap. Abby is enjoying every minute of it!

Loves the outdoors!
Today I let Abby try a cracker and believe it or not she actually knew how to eat it. I would tell her to bite it and she would but I would have to watch because every now and then she would want to put the whole thing in her mouth. She loves feeding herself! Tomorrow she will be 8 months old! Before you know it she will be on whole milk and that will mean savings $$$$$!

Hope everyone enjoy the warm weather as much as we did! Only 9 more weeks of school left until the summer!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Lots of things have been going on here lately and I haven't had time to blog. But I hope to catch up with this post. I can't believe that we have had as much snow as we had. Here are some pictures of Paw Paw pulling Lillian on the sled. By the time that they got out to play in the snow, it was almost gone. I wanted so bad to get Abby out in it too since she has never been out in it. I at least managed to get a quick picture of her and Paw Paw.
So much fun!
To be little again!
Abby out in her first snow!
Lane and Brady have been doing some work on their rental house so we thought that we would drop by to see what was going on. The end of April will be here before you know it.
Lillian trying to help Aunt Tammy paint!
Abby and Aidan in the baby class
Thursday night we had a program at school that we were suppose to have last week since it was "Read Across America." I took Lillian with me. She had a blast!

Lillian coloring a book mark.
Enjoying snacks!
Lillian was so proud of herself. She was not scared of the clown. She talked to Cookie and even got to reach inside her magic purse to get a sticker. Cookie was the only thing that she talked about all the way home. She even said that Cookie was a nice clown.
Lillian and Cookie the clown
I am going to enjoy this next week to the max because it is Spring Break!!!!!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Maw Maw!!

Last Saturday night we celebrated my mom's birthday at my sister Robin's house with tons of great breakfast food! We always have a great time when we all get together. Hope and pray my mom gets to have plenty of more birthdays to celebrate!!

Maw Maw and the girls
Lillian and Natalie posing with Paw Paw
Abby having fun!
Engaged couple!!
Abby and Lillian posing with Lane and Allison
Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!! I am so ready for warm weather and I hope that this weekend is full of sun!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Clements Lady Colts 2A State Basketball Champs!!

Wow, what a game!! The Lady Colts are the 2A State Champs!!! They made history for the school! Glad that we were able to see them enjoy that blue trophy!! Lillian cheered real hard for the Colts with her pom poms. I also took Anna with us which I think she enjoyed getting out of school early more so than the game.
Lillian and Anna
Final Score!!
Congrats to the Lady Colts!!
Lillian and her buddy Jordan
Good luck to Jordan next year wherever she plays ball in college!! What a way to go out your senior year!!
A very tired cheerleader!
Only two more weeks until Spring Break!!!!!! Looking for warm weather!!