Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dresses for Laura Leigh's Wedding

Last night I had the girls to try on their dresses for Laura Leigh's wedding. They were acting so silly. I haven't made up my mind if I want them to wear these for Easter or not. I prefer smocked dresses but these are simple but dressy. You can't tell from the pictures but they do have their initials on the dress.

I am finally caught up!! Whooo Hooo!!

Maw Maw's Birthday!

Last month was my mom's birthday and we celebrated at my sister Robin's house. We had varieties of soups that night. All of them were so good!! We all had a great time and hope that momma is blessed with many more to come!!

Aunt Tammy and Lillian
Abby thinks it is funny that Will is coloring with her.
Lillian and Natalie
Now on to some fun stuff. We love to do Just Dance on the Wii. Daddy gets into it also which makes it even more fun. Here he is doing Thriller!!
Getting a workout!
More Thriller
Lillian is really into this!!
Maw Maw opening gifts
Brady, Lane, Laura Leigh, and Julee
For those of you that are not on Facebook, Brady and Lane are expecting their first child!! Lane is due Aug. 31st. I can't believe that I am going to be a Great Aunt!! Can't wait!!

Enjoying the Outside

Boy, this nice weather has just made me want spring to hurry up and stay!! We are definitely outside people. The girls have been wanting to get the vehicles outside to ride. It is so funny to watch Abby. She does not use the steering wheel but boy, can she push that pedal. She just winds up going around in a circle because she doesn't steer. Lillian, on the other hand, can drive a car! Summer is going to be fun!!
Big Cheese
Drive that bug!!

Valentine Gifts from Daddy and Mommy

Chris and I don't do very much for each other for Valentine's Day other than go out to eat but we buy for the girls. Lillian was really disappointed when she didn't get a ladybug pillow for Christmas. She was thrilled when she saw what she got from us!! Since the bedroom is ladybugs I also got Abby one too. Both of them sleep on them every night so I think that our choice for a gift was perfect!!

Abby is giving Daddy his V-day cards
Loving Abby's smile!!
Silly girls

Swapping Valentines!!

Marla has always had my girls something for Valentine's day so this was our first year to get Allie something. The girls could not wait to get to Chan and Marla's house. We would not let them open the gifts until after we ate supper. Then Lillian began begging to open the gifts. You would have thought that Lillian had just won the lottery. She kept telling Marla, "Thank you! Thank you!" for the gifts. She also kept saying, "Wow, this is wonderful!" Marla got them a ladybug purse with stickers, candy, and girly things. Abby wanted to get straight into the candy.
Allie smiling for the camera!!
Lots of goodies!
Precious little girls!!
My two actually being nice coloring together!!

Allie's 3rd Birthday

Last month we attended Allie Lovell's birthday party at the Onyx Gym. Lillian really had a fun time. We even got some information before we left about gymnastics because Lillian is interested in that right now. We might begin classes next school year. We hope that Allie had a fabulous birthday!!

Awesome cake!!
Allie about to blow out candles!!
Lillian having fun in the foam pit!
Loves the trampoline!

Just had to share

I will be having tons of postings to catch up! I am sick today so all I am doing is resting which gives me time to catch up with the computer. I just had to share this pic of Lillian. She loves to dress up and this is how I found her one day. She reminds me of a little old lady.