Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

This Halloween was just right for Abby! She loved it!! She wouldn't let anyone have her pumpkin that carried all of her goodies. She enjoyed being able to put her goodies in her pumpkin. On a side note, she almost didn't get to go. She woke up around 11:30 p.m. Friday night throwing up! She threw up probably 6 times and finally stopped around 4:00 a.m. that Saturday morning. She was fine the rest of the day so maybe it was something that didn't set well with her stomach. Here is the picture before we started our night.

Snow White Lillian and Ladybug Abby
We don't do the neighborhoods like some, we just visit family since we have so many. We made ten stops and we left off two other stops. Here is Lillian waiting on Aunt Deanie to open the door.
Abby walking in her squeaky shoes that she absolutely loves up to Aunt Deanie's house.
Quick pose with cousins Khloe and Emily (which are my cousin Britt Christopher's girls) at Aunt Deanie's house.
We went by both sets of grandparents and then off to see my sister Tammy who was camping at Mt. Rozell. Our supper consisted of good ole Christo's. Yummy!!! Then our last stop which has been for years is Chan and Marla's. By this time our girls were so cranky!! I know that Allie was thinking who are these crazy loud girls.

Sweet Allie
Two ladybugs and Snow White
Soo sweet!
After visiting for a while we headed for home. Thank goodness for putting on pajamas before we left because they were out halfway home. Lillian is already planning for what she wants to be next year. Hope that everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Carving and Fall Festival

Wow, what a week!! It just seems like weeks are flying by so fast and before you know it Christmas will be here. On a different note, Abby went to the doctor yesterday for her check-up and some nasty shots. She is in the 100 percentile in height!! It won't be long before she is catches up with Lillian.

Loving on Daddy!
Loving on Lillian!
Lillian asked her daddy for a whole week to carve a pumpkin. Well, last Saturday they got to carve it! She was sooo thrilled! Abby missed out on it because she was napping.

Just getting started
Watching carefully
So proud of her pumpkin!!
Blue Springs had its first fall festival this past week. Each grade level had different things. 5th grade had jail (which made our most money) and then cake walk. We had so many things that looked so good. I had asked Mrs. Sam to donate a cake. Well, she really out did herself!! She made this jack-o-lantern cupcake!! It smelled soooo good! My co-worker's mom won it. I was hoping that I could just keep it for myself! LOL!!
Lillian's favorite.........popcorn!!
I didn't get to do a whole lot of things with Lillian because I had to work the booths. But I did get to do some things with her. While she was riding with Mommy on the train, she was enjoying a red snow cone.
5th grade had a contest to raise some more money. The teacher with the most money would get a pie in the face. Thank goodness that was not me!!!! Poor Mrs. Anderson...........she got the pie in the face. Kaleb was getting ready to pie her! Mrs. Anderson was just ready for it to be over!!
Oh, my!!!!!
All in all we had a great turnout and raised a lot of money for our school. I was dragging the next day because I was at work from 7:20a.m. till 8:30p.m. that night. I felt like I had just spent the night at school. Lillian was so worried that I was going to be the one with the pie in the glad that I wasn't the one!
The next night Lillian and Abby went to the A.B.S. fall festival. Of course, they had a ball with Aunt Rob. Chris and I had a little date night. Part of our time was spent at the funeral home and then it was off to eat.
Sunday night after church we had the best scavenger hunt with our friends from church. It was so much fun!! A big high five goes out to Brooke and Alicia for getting it together!! Can't wait for next year's fun!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

Last Saturday Leanne and I took Lillian and Katie Lee to the pumpkin patch in Tenn. They had a ball even though it was so hot........too hot for the month of October!!! I decided to leave Abby at home this year because she would be too little to enjoy things. I am so glad that I didn't take her because she doesn't do to well in hot weather. Next year she will be just the right age. Anyway, this was Lillian's first time to the pumpkin patch and she was so excited!!

Pumpkin Bounce!
Another bounce and slide blow up
Playing in the corn
Cow train!!
Too cute!!
Sliding is so much fun!!
Having loads of fun!!
Lillian and Katie Lee playing in the corn
Lillian's idea of a silly face
Mommy and Lillian
Which one???
I found one!!
A perfect pick!
Leanne got some good pictures of the girls looking at the camera together. The ones I took either had Lillian looking off or Katie Lee looking off. I know that they can't wait until next year to go back.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fiddler's Convention 2010

This was Abby's first Fiddler's Convention. She was too little last year to get her out in the nighttime air. I believe she enjoyed herself. We always enjoy the Fiddler's. This year was a little different since Chris is working for Athens State now. He had to work both nights so that meant that I was on my own with the girls. But not totally because I had enough family there to help out. We look forward to next year!

Getting ready to stroll
Every year my sister Tammy parks her camper around the library and Guinn has lunch there for everyone making music. My girls had the biggest time. Lillian is already a music buff and I think that Abby is going in the same direction.

Mark is enjoying the music!
Aunt Tammy and Abby
Loving the bluegrass!!
I love hearing my sister sing!!!
Patting the stool to the beat
This really has nothing to do with the Fiddler's but I just had to share. Abby loves feeding herself. If you let her feed herself then everything disappears on her plate. But, boy, does she ever make a mess. After she eats we have to put her straight into the tub. I don't know if you can really see her face but she has it all over her.
What a mess!!!!
Hope to have pumpkin patch pictures next.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday James!!

I know, I know.............I am a little behind on posting. Trying to catch up but with the nine weeks ending I have an endless stack of papers to grade so that I can enter them into the computer. Now having said all that.......back to the blogging at hand. Lillian and I attended James's 3rd birthday party at the park. It rained just about all day but that didn't stop some little girls from having fun in the rain.

Birthday Girl!
Pretty cake and cupcakes!!
Watching the ducks
Could not resist the puddles!!
Lillian really had a great time. Hope that James's had a fantastic day!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just Stylin'

I love these outfits! Debra Cook made these dresses. She has her own business "Skybugs." Lillian enjoyed modeling for the camera. Abby, on the other hand, just looks at the camera with no expression.

Lillian loves to dress up! She has literally worn out some dress up clothes!! I have had to throw some away because the straps were hanging on by threads. So here she is with her tutu that Kynsley got her for her birthday.
Hope to catch up with posting later!

Cheering at Blue Springs!

Seems like these days we are all about cheering. Aside from that..........this was Abby's first ever pep rally! She was too small last year to be able to go. She was a little scared at first but really got into the music. I think she is really going to enjoy music just like Lillian.

Doesn't know what to think!!
Lillian is ready to cheer.
She loved it!
After the pep rally, I took them back to my classroom. They always enjoy coming to my classroom especially when my kids are there. Lillian asks me everyday of who got into trouble. Of course my class goes crazy whenever we have small kids in the class.