Friday, April 24, 2009

Last Weekend Fun

My child loves jewelry, purses, and shoes. I have already told Chris that she is going to break us when she gets old enough to start asking for the real thing instead of the play things. Here she is showing off her all her jewelry. She mostly plays with those things so why go out and buy anything else!

Friday night we had our "Redneck Drive-In" at the Stinnett's house. We watched Madagascar 2 on the big movie screen with surround sound. Nothing like being out in your own backyard watching a movie and eating popcorn.

Aunt Rob, Lillian and me were ready for the movie!

Even Junior loves to watch movies. If you look closely you can see that Anna has her cell phone in her hand. If I didn't know it I would think it was attached to her body!

Saturday night we had Donnie, Leanne, and Katie Lee over for supper. The girls played so good together. Sorry Leanne that Lillian got Katie Lee sick! Lillian couldn't keep her mouth off of Katie Lee's drink. Here is Lillian and Katie Lee both on the tricycle.

I hope that everyone had a great week! Today Chris and I are both off and we plan to get some things done outside. We couldn't have asked for better weather! Later taters!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

I am a little late posting but it has been a very exhausting weekend. First we started off with an Easter egg hunt at Amber Lovell's house for the young kids from church. I really believe that the kids had the best time even though it was a little cold outside. I know that we really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Amber for hosting it! It was great! Here are a few pics from that day.

Found one!

Lillian was getting pretty good at hunting eggs. Her daddy practiced with her that morning before we left.

Here is the gang of what we could get to stand still.

Allie was all smiles for the camera!

Lillian and Katie Lee having fun riding the toys.

After we left the Easter egg hunt we decide to show Maw Maw the eggs that Lillian got in her basket. Lillian didn't eat very much at the hunt so she was hungry when we got to Maw Maw's house. She loves eating cereal. So here she is feeding herself cheerios with milk and was doing a pretty good job doing it.

Do I see a milk mustache?

On Sunday morning Lillian woke up to see that the Easter Bunny had made his appearance! He left her a basket full of goodies!

The Easter Bunny brought her some sidewalk chalk, a bat and a ball (Lillian said, "Just like Anna." She plays softball for A.B.S. so Lillian wanted to be just like her.), a "Hello Kitty" notebook, stickers, and big girl panties, a Barney DVD (she is the biggest fan that Barney probably has right now), lots of lip gloss, a straw purse, some mini pens, bubble gum, ring pops, a big bubble wand, a Strawberry Shortcake kite, and most important thing a microphone. She loves that microphone. She sings every song that she knows with it. Looks like Lillian was on the Easter Bunny's good list for right now.

Sunday morning after church I had Chris' side of the family. So here we are posing for some pictures.
Tyler, Jonathan, Emily and Lillian are all smiles!

Then Sunday night after church we went to Paw Paw and Maw Maw's for my side of the family. Here is Paw Paw and Maw Maw posing with the grandkids. Natalie was not there because she was sick. Hope you feel better Nat Nat!

Here is a picture of us. I don't really care for this picture because you can tell that I need to lose a lot more weight. Slowly but surely it will come off!!!!!

We had breakfast food at Momma's because everyone had a big meal at lunch. But as you can tell Lillian loves eggs, biscuits, and bacon.

Aunt Tammy posing with Lillian!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! We sure did!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Reach High!

Friday night we went to Chan and Marla's for supper. Marla had Lillian an Easter basket full of surprises but I forgot to take a picture of it. She got a pretty basket with decorative eggs, candy, pajamas, play clothes, and a stuffed bunny. Marla really went all out for Lillian. Thanks again Chan and Marla for the nice basket of goodies. Lillian has this thing about her daddy holding her up to touch the ceiling or the fan and so she wanted to do that at Marla's. Well, the ceiling there is open to the second floor so the ceiling fan is hanging from the very top. So I took a picture of Lillian reaching high for the ceiling fan. She must not be scared of heights!

Marla and Lillian

Lillian also loves to put things in rows and this is what I found Sunday night after we got back from eating. She put my shoes in rows. I wonder if this means that she is going to be neat and keep things in order unlike her mommy!

Lillian loves to play with a baby stroller but she thinks that she can get in it just like her baby. She almost got stuck!