Monday, August 29, 2011

Abby's 2nd Birthday!!

Abby is already two!! Time does fly by with your kids! We had originally planned to have Abby's party on the 23rd of July but we had to move it to the 31st due to Abby having mono. We had to allow her to rest which was very hard to do and stressful at times. We go back to the doctor in October to make sure that her body made antibodies against the mono. Please pray that her body is doing what it is suppose to do!

Thanks Mrs. Sam for the wonderful yummy cake!
We have changed a little to how we do parties. We eat our meal, then open presents, then blow out candles, then serve cake and ice cream. It works great!! So here is Abby opening her gift from Mommy and Daddy which is a my first dollhouse. She loves it!!
Opening more gifts!
Big Smile!Lots of cousins plus a sister!!
Little Miss Allie!
This is the first toy that the girls have actually played nice with ever! They both love the dollhouse!
Abby was feeling much better by the time we had her party. So glad that we waited!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just Having Fun Swimming

We have tried to keep up Lillian's swimming this summer at my sister Mia's house. The girls love going there to swim. With the temperature being so hot, the water felt like bath water.
Abby is getting to where she jumps off the steps. She is beginning to come alive in the pool. Hopefully next year I will put her in swimming lessons.
I still am so proud of Lillian being able to swim without floaties! I think it is pretty neat of how I was able to catch her in mid air! She is flying!!
We finally got them a pool for our backyard. I have just decided that this pool is too little for the both of them. Wonder if I can talk Chris into getting a bigger pool???? Probably not......he would just say, "Go to your sister's!"
Sliding is the best part!
Yes, Abby is lapping the water like a dog. I hope no one tinkled in it!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fourth of July

Well, I know this is kind of late but we did have a great fourth! The girls both spent the night with Aunt Rob on that Sunday night so Chris and I got to enjoy some time to ourselves. We met Chan and Marla at the Japanese Steakhouse place and then rented a movie for the first time from a Red Box machine. That was pretty neat! We only paid $1.50 for a blue ray movie for one night. We will most definitely be renting more movies that way!!

After spending time at the camper on the fourth at Mt. Rozell, we came home to take some good naps and then headed to Paw Paw and Maw Maw to watch the fireworks.
Lillian is striking the pose for the picture. She cracks me up when anyone has a camera!!Stay tune for more!!

Playing is Sooo Much Fun!!

The girls have had so much fun playing this summer. Yes, they have had their bad days where they didn't share very well but overall they enjoyed being at home with Mommy. Here are just a few things that they enjoyed doing at home.

I believe Lillian is going to be a hairstylist with Daddy being her first client.
Posing for lots of pictures!
Playing beauty shop!

Then I had a little fun playing myself this summer! Holly Jo Huggins is trying to start her own painting business and we got to be her first ever class. I am not an artist or a painter but I really enjoy painting. Hoping to do more classes with Holly Jo!!
Hope to do a little catching up today! More coming soon!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Swimming Lessons

One week in June, Lillian took swimming lessons from Mary Beth Young. She was able to have lessons with Katie Lee and Allie Lovell. I think they all did a great job!

Lillian and Katie Lee waiting to get started!
Jumping off the diving board!
Lillian is swimming!!
Ever since swimming lessons, Lillian has been swimming without floaties!! She is swimming like a fish! Hopefully next year she can learn some other things like how to tread water!!