Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lots of fun things happening around here!!

Lots have been going on here! I got sick last Thursday morning with the stomach virus that lasted until Friday night so I had to get a sub for my class. I have one student that goes off whenever he has a sub and Thursday was no different. He had to spend the second half of the day in the assistant principal's office. Friday was a little better for him. I am glad that the virus passed quickly and didn't linger any longer! On Saturday I had to do some shopping for my daddy's birthday and when I got in from shopping this rainbow was in the sky. It was so pretty!!
Then we headed to Chan and Marla's for some great supper!! Abby just about tore Marla's house down...............she broke a dish by sitting on it! Abby is in to lots more than Lillian ever was.........cabinets, drawers, and even commodes!!
Abby giving Allie loves!
Allie is really growing!!
Sunday night we headed to Jones' Road to go to church with Aunt Tammy and then to her house for a great meal for my daddy's birthday. Daddy turned 74!! My girls absolutely love their Paw Paw!! Hope that my daddy has many more birthdays to come!!
Blowing out candles!
Last night we took Abby to her first football game at Clements. She did really good until halftime. She was ready to leave!!! Lillian, on the other hand, had a fabulous time. She cheered the whole time. I hope that we can find some tickets to be able to take her to her first Alabama game!! I didn't get any pictures of Abby at the game because I was having to wrestle with her but did manage to get one before we left for the game.
Lillian in her Clements cheer outfit.
Lillian and her buddy Kaitlyn.
Today we went to my sister Mia's house to swim. Lillian had a ball jumping off the diving board.
Abby had fun floating around the pool. She loved riding the float that Anna had.
Jumping, jumping, jumping!
Taking a break!
No fear!
Swimming with Mommy
Abby didn't take a nap until we left Aunt Mia's. She went to sleep as soon as I put her in the car seat. Lillian wanted some McDonald french fries and chocolate milk so I went through the drive- thru. When I stopped at the red light at Market Street and Hines Street this is the sight that I got of Lillian. Her hand was still in the bag!! How funny!!
Both took a very long nap and now they are very hungry so I better go and feed them. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Great Deal of Catching Up To Do!!

Wow!! Summer just flew by and now that I am back at work I don't have as much time to blog. So I am going to try and get caught up. On Friday, July 30th I took Abby to Laney's Salon for Lane to cut Abby's hair for the first time!! The back was starting to look crazy so I thought it was time for a cut. Abby did an awesome job of letting Lane cut her hair!!

Before Look!
More cutting...........
Final Look!!
Lillian striking a pose with her ponytails!!
On July 31st, Emily had her birthday party. She had a slip and slide party. We hope that Emily enjoyed her birthday!!
About to blow the candles!!
Bryant kept pouring the suds for the kids so that they could slide better.
Lillian had a blast!
On August 2nd Abby had her year old check-up along with two shots. She did a lot better this time with the shots than the last time. Lillian keeps asking me if she is going to have to have shots when she goes back to the doctor. I keep telling her yes and she keeps telling me that she is going to be brave when she gets the shots. So when December rolls around we will see. Anyway after Abby's great check-up we did a little shopping. Abby loves the carts in Kohl's......I think because she can see everything better.
On my last day of summer vacation, Leanne and I took the kiddos back to Point Mallard. This time I left Abby with the sitter so that I could take up more time with Lillian. She had a blast riding the waves on a float that she almost went to sleep. I guess the movement along with her having her head on my shoulder made her sleepy. It was sooooo hot that you had to stay in some water to keep cool.

Lillian enjoying her ice cream!
Katie Lee enjoying some ice cream too!
On Saturday, Aug. 7th we got to celebrate Katie Lee's birthday with a splash party. What a fun party!! We hope that Katie Lee had a great birthday!!

Having fun!
Abby hangs right in there with the big kids. She was actually trying to draw before she took a big bite of the chalk!
Katie Lee is ready for everyone to start singing!
Abby would have stayed on this golf cart. She loved it!! Thanks Mr. Jerry for entertaining the kiddos with a ride!!
That night we took the girls to play on Blue Springs Elementary's new playground. I got to play on it before I left work on Friday to break it in. It is really nice and we are going to enjoy it!
Playing in the mulch!
Sorry for the long post but I hope you enjoyed the pictures!! Have a great weekend!!