Saturday, April 24, 2010

Marla's Baby Shower

Last Saturday we gave Marla her very own baby shower for Baby Allie!!! For those of you that haven't been through infertility, baby showers are one of those things that you dream about for a long time. May not seem like a big thing but it really find yourself getting invited to tons of them but not being able to have one of your own. But the day had finally arrived for Marla!!!! We hope that the shower was special for a very special person. I consider Chan and Marla part of my family as a brother and another sister!! We have been through the same kind of infertility problems together and the ups and downs of the big roller coaster ride of trying to have a baby. God blessed me with two very special little girls. Now God has blessed Marla with being able to have a special little girl herself. Lillian prays every night for baby Allie along with Matt, Angela, and Anna Beth for their little baby boy. We pray that all will go well and that they will make their grand appearance being healthy as can be. After having so much to get together for the shower......would you believe that I forgot my camera!!!! I did manage to get these pics from Chan. I wish that I could show you how many cute things that Allie got because she got a lot of things. I was in charge of the cake, punch, and diaper cake. Mrs. Sam who is Lillian and Abby's babysitter did the cake. She did an awesome job and of course it tasted soooooo good!! Hope you enjoy the pics!
I have made at least two diaper cakes with coworkers but I had never made one by myself. I think I did an okay job. It turned out very cute if I should say so. Had tons of goodies on it!
Less than one week until Lane and Brady's wedding!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lane's Bridal Shower

Last Sunday our family gave Lane a bridal shower at Founder's Hall. We tried to keep it simple and I think that the table turned out really pretty. Lane had a great shower with lots of great decorating items. Only two more weeks until the wedding!!!

Bride to be!!
Brady's mom, Lane, and Tammy
Abby started running fever after the shower and Chris took her to the doctor on Tuesday. She has a very bad double ear infection. Since I don't have any more sick days and with momma having shingles it only left Chris to stay at home with her. He has been great help at home with doing the laundry and the dishes. Abby is still running a little fever which is around 100 but I think that it is from her teeth because she is cutting four teeth at one time. Hopefully she will be better soon!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Growing Every Day!

Abby is growing so fast and learning so many things. She is beginning to hold her own bottle to feed herself and that is a sign that we need to be waving bye-bye to the bottle. I plan to have her off the bottle and pacey by the time I go back to work in August. We did away with the bottle and the pacey with Lillian when she was a year old and we didn't have any trouble breaking those habits. I hope that we have the same luck with Abby. She loves her sippy cup so I think that it will not be that difficult. Abby is also starting to get front teeth!! It won't be long before she will be walking. Time goes by so fast!!

Look I am doing it all by myself!!
First tractor ride!!!
Loving every minute!!
My mom has the shingles and that has put a little strain on Abby being able to see Maw Maw. Abby will not get her vaccine against chicken pox until July. We have to wait for about 3 weeks to see if she will pop out with them. Good thing is that everything that I have read it says that they have to touch the sores for them to catch it. Shingles are not airborne like chicken pox. Mom is feeling some better. She says that it feels like she has a really, really bad sunburn where she is broken out. I hope she gets better soon!! We have a wedding to get ready for this month!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

What a busy weekend!! We started off Saturday morning with an Easter egg hunt with friends from church. Lillian had so much fun! I am glad that it stopped raining for us to have it. We did have a different outfit picked out to wear but I did not want mud all over it so we opted for an outfit that could handle mud. Can't wait for next year's hunt........Abby should be able to hunt also!! Saturday night we went out to eat with Chan and Marla and then went strolling at Joe Wheeler. Lillian loved looking at all the boats.

Loving the pacey!

Ready, set, go!

I found one.

Look what I found!

Abby loved watching everyone.

Playing is so much fun!

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny made a visit back to our house. His first stop was to leave the Disney Live tickets and his second stop he left...............a basket full of goodies.

Look closely and the basket is a sunhat with a matching purse.

Abby's goodies!

Sunday after church we went to Barry and Jerry Smith's house to have some pictures made in the buttercups. We had some pictures to turn out good. Enjoy!

Abby wanting to taste the flowers.

Family pose

What a pretty smile!

How sweet!

Moss Family

Mimi and the girls

Robertson Family

Great pose!

Daddy and his girls

Paw Paw, Maw Maw and the grandkids

Sorry for the long post but I hope you enjoyed the pictures! We hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun Weekend.....Disney Live!

Another busy week......haven't been home at night until tonight! I am hoping that next week will be a little less busy. On Thursday of last week I got my hair done at Laney's and Lillian had to go with me. While I was sitting under the dryer, Lane curled Lillian's hair just like she is going to for her wedding. Her hair looks great with a little curl in it! Maybe you can tell about her hair from the pictures.

On Friday night I took Lillian to see Disney Live! The Easter Bunny helped pay for the tickets and brought them to our house a little early but is going to leave some other goodies on Easter. Lillian loved it! Enjoy the pics!
Lillian and Mommy
Lillian's favorite, Cinderella!

Some wild and silly girls!!
What a smile!
Well, this weekend is full of things to do: Easter egg hunt, Chan and Marla's house, Easter at my house for Chris's side, and Easter at my sister Robin's house for my side. Hope everyone has a great Easter!