Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer is here!!

School is out and my summer has just begun!! Lillian and Anna went with me to work to do some much needed cleaning. Still awaiting official word on which school and grade level. I will continue to keep you posted. Enjoy the pics!!

Lillian is cleaning Mrs. Renee's board and looks like she is doing a great job!

Check out her cleaning shoes!! She must be a future June Cleaver!! Nothing like cleaning in style.

Your mother must be a teacher if you have ten timers around your neck!!

Well, the play set is finally up and Chris only lacks one thing, the chalkboard. Lillian loves it!! She can't wait to get home to play on it. She said to us that she just loves her swings and her slide. Hope she will get plenty of use out of it.

Thanks Daddy for putting Lillian's play set together!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope everyone is having a great day!!! Our weekend has been full! We started off with a retirement party for one of my coworkers Sandy Bass. She will be hanging up her different hats this year with only four more days to go. We will miss her a lot and hope that she enjoys her retirement.

Lillian, Sandy and me

Lillian and her buddy Jordan

The we headed to the Helums' for a cookout. I forgot to take any pictures but Leanne has some on her blog. The girls had a blast playing together so much that everyone slept good that night. Sunday night after church we went out to eat with Chan and Marla in their new Expedition. Boy, what fun we will have now going on vacation together!!! Lots of room and even third row seating so that Lillian can have the back seat to herself. Then Lillian went to spend the night with Paw Paw and Maw Maw. Lillian couldn't wait to get up there. Chris and I played Phase 10 card game with Chan and Marla until 1:30a.m. I won!!!! Today we headed back to my sister's camper at Mt. Rozell for some hamburgers and hot dogs. Here is Lillian enjoying a hot dog with Laura Leigh.

We headed down the road to the creek where my daddy learned to swim when he was growing up. At first Lillian didn't want anything to do with the water and that is not like her because she is a water duck. But you will see later on in the pictures that she eventually got in it.

Lane, Josh, and Lillian

Lillian has a big problem with biting her nails when she is scared or trying to be shy. So here she is with Will. She is afraid that he is going to put her down in the water.

She is getting a little braver!

Lane and Anna eventually got her to get down and she loved it.

Trying to dunk her under!! Not working!!

Nothing like walking in the creek on a hot muggy day!

Lillian had so much fun today and it didn't take her long to crash in the car ride home. Hope everyone had a safe and fun day!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

School is almost out!!!!

I have 4 days next week until I am out for summer and I can't wait!! Next year will be a little different for me because for the last 10 years I have been in the Title I program and now I am going into the classroom for good. In the Title I program I worked with children that had reading and math difficulties, in other words, remedial reading and math. I loved it but sadly that program is gone now. I don't know for sure what grade it will be for next year but it may look like 5th grade which is fine and it looks like that I will get to stay at Clements and will not have to transfer to another school. Wonderful because I have so much stuff after 10 years and it would be a pain to move all of that to a different school. I will have my own classroom and that will be a plus because in the past I have had to share a room with 1, 2, 3, and even sometimes 4 other people. So in a sense I am closing another chapter in my life and opening up a new chapter in my life. Nothing will be official until the board votes on it. So I will keep you posted on my new assignment. In the meantime I will be very busy this summer with Lillian!!! Here is a picture that she drew yesterday before we left for Mt. Rozell (where my daddy grew up). Can you make out that it looks like a smiley face????

We went to Mt. Rozell where my sister was camping in her camper on my grandmother's land where my daddy grew up. For the city folks that doesn't know where that is it is just about a mile or two past where you would turn off to go the West Limestone high school. We went to eat at Stanfield's in Rogersville and then back to watch some video of Guinn's band. I forgot what the name of it is but it is a bluegrass band. As you can see in the picture Lillian is pretending that she is playing a guitar. She loves music!!!!

You really can't see but Lillian is patting her hand on her leg to the beat.

Lillian loves her Aunt Tammy!!!!

Saturday night we will have more fun to come. First we start it off with a retirement party for my coworker Sandy Bass. Then on to the Helums for an awesome cookout!!! Our weekend doesn't stop there either. More to come later!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Recent Weekend

Saturday night I attended the Sugarland concert in the pouring down rain with a group of ladies from church. We went to eat at Connors' and then on to the concert. I was glad that I was prepared for the mud because that is all you could see of the ground. I want the ladies to know that I had a marvelous time! Before I left Saturday Lillian was helping her daddy with her playset. Hopefully, it will be up by this weekend.

Are we finished yet?????

Sunday night after church we celebrated Anna's 13th birthday. I cannot believe that she is a teenager now. Here are a few pics.

Rosemary was going on a bear hunt with Lillian.

Posing with Jake and Colby!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Playing with Ava!

Lillian was outside playing this evening when we saw Denise walking with Ava and Chloe (Denise's dog) and they decided to come and visit. Lillian was going to be shy at first but it didn't take her long to make her presence known. Lillian was showing off her recent jewelry (prize for doing such a good job with wearing big girl panties all the time except to bed). She absolutely loves the earrings. Aunt Rob is going to have Lillian's ears pierced for her 3rd birthday.

Lillian and Ava shared the sidewalk chalk to make us a pretty picture.

This is too cute!! Ava is putting the crown on Lillian's head and believe it or not Lillian was actually standing still for her to do it.

Better view!

Lillian loved walking the dog. She told Denise that she didn't have a dog. I told her to talk to her daddy about a dog. But we are getting another cat in June so I don't really know about a dog right now.

Lillian had a great time with Ava. Whenever Chris gets up the playset then Ava can stay with Granna again and come and play on it!

Field Day

Tuesday was field day at school. We had to cancel it twice so I was hoping that we would be able to get it in and we couldn't have asked for any better day. It was a little cool that morning but quickly warm up after lunch. The kids had so much fun. We were in charge of a water station. We would give the kids a glass of very cold water for them to drink and then they could have it refilled to pour on their heads. Most of the kids said that our station was the best. They loved it! Here are a few pics from that day.

Field day took place out on the football field where the kids had different stations to go to for an activity.
The kids are waiting for some cold water!

Doesn't that look fun!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day!

What a busy weekend! Mother's day was great. I am so thankful to God that I have the chance to be a mommy and wouldn't trade it for nothing! Chris got me a patio swing that I have been wanting for a long time and I have a surprise that will come later from Lillian. When she gave me my card she was singing "Happy Birthday" and we had to explain to her that it wasn't my birthday but Mother's day. I think she understood a little bit because later that night she told Laura Leigh "Happy Mother's day" and we then had to explain that Laura Leigh wasn't a mother. I am sure that Lillian is totally confused now. After church we head to Mimi's to give her a gift. Then it was back for a nap that she desperately needed. After church that night my family came to our house. We ate so good and the dessert (chess squares) that Tammy made was so good! Maw Maw got to open her gifts and then we just relaxed and let Lillian entertain us with some singing. Here are a few pictures.

Mommy and Lillian

Lillian loves to entertain with singing and dancing!

The night before we tried on bathing suits to see what size she is in to get ready for Memorial day. She has a long torso so I had to let her try on last year's swimsuits that were 2T. Can you believe that she is in a 3T when it comes to bathing suits!! She still wears 18 months clothes!! Anyway I bought her a new one and she wants to wear it all the time. She even asked if she could wear it to church so we had to explain to her that we don't wear stuff like that to church.
Here she is sporting in one of her new swimsuits!

She is ready for the pool with her flip flops too!

Athens State Graduation

Friday night my niece Laura Leigh graduated with a liberal arts degree and we were there to celebrate. It was a very long night and Lillian did pretty well. So enjoy some pictures.

Chris looks very excited about being there. The face tells it all!

Laura Leigh never gave up and we are so proud of her accomplishment!

Laura Leigh and Lillian

Paw Paw and Maw Maw are also very proud to have their first grandchild to graduate from college.

Will, Laura Leigh, Lillian, Lane, and Anna are anxiously waiting for us to eat at Conner's in the Bridgestreet shopping center.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Feeling Better!

On Sunday afternoon Lillian started running a fever and ran one through Tuesday. On Monday night her fever had reached 103.9 (sometimes they say to add a degree if you are taking it orally but 103.9 looked a whole lot better than 104.9) and we just about went crazy. I quickly put her in the tub and it slowly came down. She has ran fever before around 102 but never this high. So I took her to the doctor and they swabbed her throat and she has strep. At least it was not the swine flu. Today she was able to go back to Mrs. Sam's and get back on a schedule. We are doing a great job with big girl panties. She takes a nap in them but I am just not brave enough to let her wear them to bed. Here are a few pics from her bath tonight. She loves the water so much that she will drink it from the spout.

She loves to put her head under the spout now and then drinks the water from her hair. Strange I know but at least she doesn't suck the water out of her wash rag.

Lillian is showing off her bubble mustache!

Tomorrow night is Athens State's graduation where we will be watching my niece Laura Leigh graduate. I will post some pics from that later.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a week!

It is that time of the year when everything is going on. We are on the go constantly. We started our week off Sunday night at Al and Brooke Burn's house with an ice cream party. Chris and I had so much fun and can't wait to get together again. Lillian stayed with Paw Paw and Maw Maw and of course had a fabulous time with them. Then on Monday it was back to work for me but Chris got another day off because of another weather make-up day for the city. I think Monday was the only day that I actually got to come home after work and do some things around the house. Tuesday I met Momma after work at Kmart to get some plants for the flower bed and then went to get something to eat and then to Robin's for a party. Of course, Wednesday night was church and then Thursday we were off to a birthday party. Dylan and Kaylee Carter had their 2nd birthday with a big slide and moon bounce. Lillian didn't know what to think about everything. Normally she is not shy by any means but for some reason she just would not get down. I had to keep asking her to go and jump like Anna Beth. Finally she gave in and liked it! I had my niece Anna with me so that she could take Lillian up and down the slide. Little did she know that she would be taking a lot of the kids up and down the slide. See, I knew that I couldn't go up that slide myself so I brought along my helper. Anyway, we had a super time. Thanks Dana for inviting us! Here are some pics from the party.

Lillian feeling a little brave going down by herself!

Check out her pigtails, her jewelry, and of course Mommy's shoes!

She's got the pose!

Friday night we headed out in the terrible rain to Lowe's, Cracker Barrel, and to Publix for some groceries. Saturday, Marla and I headed out for Toy R Us to get Lillian's play set (her early birthday and Christmas present). I hope that Chris will be able to get it up by the weekend. We dropped Lillian off at Uncle Guinn and Aunt Tammy's house on the way to Huntsville. She had a ball with them and when I arrived to get her she was asleep with Laura Leigh. She had been asleep for 2 hours but fell asleep again on the way home. She was really tired. Then Chan and Marla came over for supper. We tried out our new grill and had some great grilled shrimp! I believe that I could have eaten the whole thing of shrimp because it was so good! Needless to say our week was jammed pack with things to do. I hope next week is a little calmer.