Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our 2 year old check-up

Lillian had her two year old check-up with Dr. Zbell yesterday. She had her last shot until she turns 4. Hooray! Next year's visit will be an easy one. Maw Maw went along for the ride and for the shopping that would take place after the doctor visit. Since Dr. Zbell's office is in Madison, we went on early so that we could eat lunch with Aunt Mia. She works for the city of Madison and it is on our way to the doctor's office. So we pop in most of the time when we have to make that trip. We went to eat at the Port of Madison. Here is a picture of Lillian and Aunt Mia.

After the doctor's appointment, we headed to the mall for some shopping. Lillian did not get a normal nap but managed to get a little one. She was snoozing very good!

Playing with friends

We recently had some friends from church over to the house. Lillian had so much fun with her friends. Leanne had some better pictures than me but I will share the ones that I was able to take of the girls. We will definitely have to get together again!

Katie Lee, Anna Beth, and Lillian were having fun eating puffs off the floor.

We were actually able to get them to stand still for the camera.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mimi's House

Well after having a big day from Santa we headed off for Mimi's house which is Chris' mother for supper and for opening some more presents. Lillian is going to start believing that December is just a month for presents. Here are just a few pictures.

Here is all the grandkids posing from Chris' side of the family.

Lillian opening her presents which were a newborn Cabbage Patch kid baby doll, a book, a Leap Frog refrigerator phonics game, a stuffed chicken and pig (very, very soft stuff animals), and a xylophone which she is pretty good at playing.

When we got home Lillian had one more gift that Bryant Malone (he works with Chris) had made for her. It was her very own white board that she can draw and write on (probably on everything else also). Here is a picture of it. Kennedy, Bryant's daughter, decorated it for her. She did a great job! As you can tell from the picture, Lillian has already drawn on the stickers and it will not come off. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We are surely blessed and we thank God for it!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day Morning

Santa visited our house last night and left Lillian a tricycle (which she calls a bicycle), some necklaces and bracelets, and some surprises. When she got up this morning she couldn't wait to see if Santa ate the cookies. When she saw the plate she laughed and said that Santa left a mess with the cookies. After she found her gifts she started saying thank you Santa over and over. After we looked at all that Santa brought then it was time for the gifts from Daddy and Mommy. She got a portable DVD player with carrying case, a Barney DVD, and a Strawberry Shortcake inflatable chair. Here are some pics.

Posing with Daddy!
Here is the picture of Santa's crumbs that Lillian said he needed to clean up. The crumbs are not easy to see in the picture.

Christmas Eve - Paw Paw & Maw Maw's house

Well, we started our family gatherings on Christmas Eve at my mother's house. We ate before church which was a very delicious meal. Then after church we went back for dessert and to open presents. My sister Mia got sick and had to go home so she didn't get to enjoy watching everyone open gifts. Everyone else was there including Olivia which is Will's girlfriend, Cale which is Laura Leigh's boyfriend, and Josh which is Lane's boyfriend. Our family just keeps growing and growing when girlfriends and boyfriends are around. Lillian couldn't wait to open presents. She got a "Dirt Devil" vacuum cleaner, some dresses, and an Aqua Doodle. On my side we draw names so there is not all this stuff going home with you. Literally we do not have any more room for toys! Hope you enjoy the pictures! Here is Lillian eating for the second time!

Posing with Mommy!
Everyone is having fun after opening presents!

Here is all of the grandkids smiling from my side of the family!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Lillian!

I know that I said that I wouldn't post again until Christmas but today was Lillian's birthday. We had a special day with her. We started off the day with breakfast at my mother's house with some good oatmeal and biscuits. It doesn't matter how I cook the oatmeal it just seems not to taste like my mother's. Since Chris was off we headed out to do a little shopping to finish up Christmas presents and we went by to see Laura Leigh, General (Laura Leigh's dog), and Grady (Lane's kitten). Lillian loves to chase both of them to death. I know that when they see her that they are thinking not her again. Then we headed home for a nap. Chan and Marla came to the house to eat and to play games. While they were there we tried a gingerbread house for the first time. Lillian loved it! I tried my best to keep her out of the paste because I couldn't find anywhere on the box that it was edible. That was hard! It may not look pretty but I let her do most of the decorating except for the paste. I thought that it didn't look bad for the first time and that it was done mostly by a two year old. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Lillian had white paste all over her black pants! But I guess that just makes it even more fun.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Lillian's 2nd Birthday Party!

I can't believe that two years have just blown by this fast. We had her party at the house Saturday the 20th. It was just a family party. Lillian didn't know what to think about tearing the wrapping paper off the gifts. She thought that she was going to get into trouble. She loved having a "Hello Kitty" party. She got so many gifts. I think it is time to clean out the toys to make room for the new ones. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

The cake was made by Mrs. Sam who is Lillian's babysitter. She makes delicious cakes! The cake was Lillian's gift from Mrs. Sam. It was a perfect gift!
Lillian couldn't wait to blow the candle out!
Lillian wanted to keep putting her fingers in the icing. If I would have let her alone she would have tore the cake all to pieces.

This is Lillian's birthday crown. She was a "Hello Kitty" princess for a day. I liked it better than the regular party hats.
She loved eating the cake and ice cream but what kid doesn't enjoy eating those kinds of food.

Here she is enjoy her new cozy coupe car! If you look closely you can see that she has her cell phone in her shirt pocket and has her keys ready to go.
Another gift that was her favorite was the Barney guitar. She loves Barney and would sit for hours watching him. Sometimes I find myself singing Barney songs when I am doing housework.
She also got a puzzle, some books, some building blocks with a wagon, a play camera, a "Hello Kitty" pillow and blanket, a Cabbage Patch doll, some clothes, and a lady bug ornament (my family calls her Lilli Bug) to hang on the tree. She had a wonderful birthday and thanks to all that came and a big thank you for the presents! Well, I guess Christmas will be next. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Laney's Christmas Open House

My niece Lane who owns Laney's Salon had a Christmas open house last Sunday. It was a chance for everyone to see her shop plus she had some gift bags with some hair products in them for purchase. My other niece Laura Leigh sells Mary Kay and she also had some gift bags with make-up products in them for purchase. Both made very good Christmas gifts. It is nice to have someone in the family who does hair, has a tanning bed, and also sells make-up. Lane also has a girl who works with her and her name is Laura Wilder. Hope you enjoy the pics! I will have more pictures later of Lillian's second birthday to share.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting the Christmas card picture!

I thought this year that we would just take a picture of Lillian here at the house for our Christmas cards. I would like to share some pics of how hard it was to get her to stand still and stop poking her lips out when she said cheese. Of course these were not the ones that I picked out but I couldn't help for wanting to share.

By this time she took all that she could stand posing with a smile to try and get a great one. She was ready to get on her pajamas and go to bed.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Playing with things around the house

I don't know why we buy toys when she picks things that are just around the house. Lillian loves to wear shoes of any kind. She is wearing her Paw Paw's shoes. She has plenty of play shoes but loves to wear ours. In the next picture she is using the vacuum piece for her microphone. She is singing with all her might in that vacuum piece. Too funny!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Many Faces of Lillian - Part 3

This should be the last of the pictures to get you caught up with us. I am trying to get my Christmas stuff up and finish up shopping but something is always going on. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Lillian loves to be read to everyday. She has a room full of books and loves to get all of them out and will sit for hours just looking at them and also act like she is reading them.

This is the first time that I tried to put her hair up in dog ears. Not bad for the first time. Good thing she is not tender headed. Since her hair is so fine, it was hard to get them into the ponytails.

The next two pictures are from Huntley's birthday party at the park. Lillian loves to swing. She is pretty short but her legs look very long in this picture.

Lillian and Huntley

Lillian was a bumble bee for Halloween! She really enjoy this Halloween and thought it was funny every time that she went to the door and said "Trick or Treat." We started from one end of the county and ended at the other end of the county. It was a very exhausting night!

Here is Lillian in the middle of her toys. We need to go through and clean out!

Here is the gang after the Alabama/Auburn game. Roll Tide Roll!!!!!!!!
Lillian was posing with my nephew Will. We had such a great time especially since Alabama won!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Many Faces of Lillian - Part 2

I am going to share some more pictures to get you caught up with what is going on us now. The first two pictures are of our first trip to the beach with Lillian. It was spring break and it was a little cold and very windy. She loved the sand! Marla did a good job taking the pictures.

This was Easter this past year. We took her picture at Jerry Smith's house where she has tons of buttercups. I love this one where she is trying to smell the flower.

This picture was with Will my nephew at his championship game where they won the State IA baseball game. Lillian had so much fun watching Will play ball his senior year especially baseball. She made so many friends that would go and play with her. Since then we are watching Anna's (my niece) games in volleyball and in basketball where she sees her friends again there.

This was from a get together that we had from church at the Kiddie Carnival. I cannot believe that she rode the little swings by herself. She was about to fall asleep. She had a big time.

Lillian loves the water! She is very good at moving herself around with her floats. This picture was taken at the clubhouse where Dana Pressnell lives. Lillian loved swimming with Huntley!

This picture was taken at my sister Mia's house for Natalie's (my niece) birthday with Anna. I had a hard time getting Lillian out of the water.

She is sitting on the potty but we have lost interest in it. She will tell you that she has poo poo after she has done it. Maybe we will try again around Christmas break.

This was from this year's 4th of July. We went to eat with my family and then to watch the fireworks.

This is how we spent most of our summer together. She loves the slide on this pool. I will tell you from experience get a plastic pool. We went through two blow up pools before we got this one. I am hoping that we will get to use it again next summer.
These next two pictures are from our second trip to the beach. This time since it was the middle of July it was much nicer than the first trip. We actually were able to get in the water and then Lillian and I got stung by a jellyfish. That is something that really hurt. Luckily we were able to get her back to the pool and wash her leg off and it quit hurting.
Lillian loves to go to class at church! She loves to sing and play with the toys. She even knows some Bible questions!
As you can see Lillian rolled all of the toliet tissue off the roll and was putting it in the commode. We knew that she was into something because she was way too quiet.
I am still learning on how to post stuff. Some things may look crazy but I am learning. Spacing seems to be a little hard to make it look right. I will share some more later!