Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wallace State Trips

Last Tuesday night Daddy, Lillian, and I went to watch the Lady Colts take on Mars Hill Bible School during the Northwest Regional Area and they won. So they played Friday in the finals against Cold Springs and finished as the Northwest Regional runner-up. It was a great year for them because they were county champs for the second year in a roll, area champs, and finished regional runner-up (first time ever for a girls team). They hope to repeat next year and even try for the finals because they do not have any seniors. It was a fun trip and Lillian enjoy herself cheering on the Lady Colts.

Here is Lillian and Jordan before the Tuesday night game.

As you can tell she does not want to hold Paw Paw's hand.

This is from Friday's game. The game started at 12:20 which would be when Lillian is about ready to take a nap. She was for the most part good but it didn't take her long to go out on the way home.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. What a week! We have been somewhere every night this past week. I am looking for a much slower week but it is not looking promising. Thursday night we went to see Lillian's buddy Jordan play ball in sub regional play in basketball. Clements won so they are heading to Wallace State Tuesday. I hope that I can talk Daddy into riding with me so that Lillian and I can see the game. Chris has school that night so it would just be me and I don't feel comfortable going by myself an hour and a half away with Lillian. Daddy likes basketball and I am sure that I won't have to twist his arm to go. So good luck Lady Colts!! As I have posted already Chris and I had our Valentine's last week with our comedian so it was all Lillian's day. She loaded up too. She got from Daddy and Mommy some headbands, ponytail holders (she uses these as bracelets), a matching necklace and bracelet, some magnetic dress up dolls, a Barney DVD, a play cell phone with candy inside of it, some other candy, and cards. Paw Paw and Maw Maw gave her a box of chocolates and a card. Uncle Mark, Aunt Rob, Will, and Anna gave her a red and white stuffed puppy dog that is so soft. Our friends Chan and Marla came by last night and gave her the "Bee Movie", a frog that lights up, and a "Hello Kitty" sticker book. Mimi has her something but we won't be able to see her until tomorrow. Lillian had a very good Valentine's Day and we hope that you did too!!!!

Lillian is posing with some of her goodies. She loves to play with headbands. She looks like she needs to be holding up a peace sign because she reminds me of a hippie. Too funny!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Lillian had so much fun this weekend with the weather being beautiful. It was time for some fun outside. She wanted to ride her tricycle up to Aunt Rob's house and couldn't wait to get outside. She worried me to death until it was time to go. Before I show some outside pics, I have to show you what we found late Friday night. We were watching TV and then all of a sudden we hear this big thud. Lillian fell out of bed but did not wake up! These pics are the positions that we found her in the floor.

For some reason she sleeps with her arms behind her head. Too funny!!!

She loves playing with necklaces, headbands and purses. Here she is posing with her girly things.

Ready to ride!!

Saturday night we went to Aunt Mia's house and Julee happened to be in from Alabama. Here is Lillian coloring with cousins Natalie and Julee. She had so much fun playing with Nat Nat's toys.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our Early Valentine's Day Night Out

Thursday night Chris and I along with Chan and Marla went to see Brian Regan who is a comedian. I didn't know what to expect because we have never been to see a comedian but that was our Valentine gift to each other. We started off the night at Longhorn's to eat and then headed to the VBCC for a night of laughter. Paw Paw and Maw Maw kept Lillian and she also spent the night with them too because we didn't know what time we would be back in that night. I think I laughed more at the people that were laughing because some had very funny laughs. I laughed so hard that I didn't have much eye make-up left because I was literally crying. My stomach hurt so much from laughing! The comedian was okay but I wouldn't pay that price again to see one. There was another comedian before Brian but I can't remember his name. He was okay but nothing that made you keep laughing. But all together, it was a very good night out. Here are some pics of the comedians.

This picture is the main comedian Brian Regan.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Learning so much!

We had almost my whole family at my house Saturday night to visit Lillian. I had cooked supper for Chan and Marla and then our phone started ringing to see if they could come and see Lillian. She was very popular that night. She is really into singing and playing the guitar and what better teacher to have than her Uncle Guinn (he plays the guitar and has a bluegrass group which Lillian loves to hear Uncle Guinn, Aunt Tammy, Laura Leigh, and Lane sing from time to time). Here she is getting some stringing lesson from him.

She is trying out what her teacher taught her about the guitar!

On Sunday morning before church she is in our bathroom trying so hard to change her baby's diaper. Too funny!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recent Birthday Fun

Lillian's cousin Jonathan recently celebrated his 12th birthday with a Wii party with just family. She had a ball even though she couldn't play the Wii. In the picture below the girls were playing a game with their feet and Lillian wanted so much to join in.

Lillian is like why won't you let me play!