Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Destin FL

We really enjoyed going back to the beach with Chan, Marla, and Allie!! We were so much more prepared this time with the girls. Sorry that Donnie and Leanne had to put up with my fussy girls on the first trip. But they were tons better on this trip!! It worked really good with not giving Abby a nap during the day. Since Chan was on business we literally hung out at the condo which was sooo nice. Not having to get ready and then get the girls ready was very nice. With kids it is just as easy to fix something at the condo when they are as little as ours than to get dressed, wait an hour or longer to eat and then the kids don't eat half of what you order. I hated that Chan didn't get to spend much time with us on the beach but we sure did love keeping Marla and Allie company! Looking forward to next year's beach trip already!!

Hope you can see the beautiful rainbow after a short rain shower!!
Allie's having fun!!
Abby loves to float!
Kick Allie Kick!
Enjoying a snow cone on the beach!!The Hinkle's
Great job on the sandcastle!
Abby and Lillian are both trying to read Allie a book.Sweet Allie
Abby would not stop making silly faces.Chan helping Lillian play a hunting game.
Abby was very excited about a stuffed animal making a noise.
Too funny.......Abby reading a menu!
Literally falling asleep eating.........way too much fun in the sun!!Three silly monkeys!!
I remember now why I don't blog much anymore. It takes way too long to upload pictures!! Hopefully more will come soon because we have been really busy!


Dana said...

Looks like such a fun trip! I love the picture of Abby reading the menu.